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This is forwarder DLL to DOSCALLS.DLL

Ordinal Name Desc Status
1 Dos16SMGetmem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.682 Done
8 SMArraySize Forwarder to DOSCALLS.862 Done
2 Dos16SMFreemem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.683 Done
9 SMGINSTANCE Forwarder to DOSCALLS.864 Done
3 Dos16SMGetSGCB Forwarder to DOSCALLS.684 Done
4 Dos16SMInitSGCB Forwarder to DOSCALLS.685 Done
5 SMQueueRamSem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.858 Done
6 SMArray Forwarder to DOSCALLS.859 Done
7 SMPIDArray Forwarder to DOSCALLS.860 Done
99 SMInitialized Forwarder to DOSCALLS.861 Done
148 BVHINSTANCE Forwarder to DOSCALLS.865 Done
149 BVSGLOBAL Forwarder to DOSCALLS.863 Done
152 OS2BaseInit Forwarder to DOSCALLS.718 Done

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