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Version 0.0.2

All screenshots in this section are of software currently under development.

Boot Sequence With Original Bootsector
osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development)  osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development)
Boot Sequence with LILO 1) OS/2 Test Application 2)
osFree 0.0.2 Boot Sequence(In Development) osFree 0.0.2 OS/2 test application (In Development)
OS/2 Application Output 3)
Output of test application to L4Con server.

Version 0.0.3

OS/2 Personality server 4)
CONFIG.SYS parsed...
FreeLdr boot menu 5) FreeLdr boot menu 6)
FreeLdr boot menu FreeLdr boot menu

Version 0.0.4

OS/2 LX Executable (Win32 host) 7) OS/2 LX Executable (L4 host) 8)
LX executable works... LX executable works...
FreeDOS startup argenv.exe (arguments and environment test)
FreeDOS startup argenv test
sort.exe (DosOpen test)

Version 0.0.5

FreeLDR 0.0.5 main screen 9)
FreeLDR 0.0.5


Win16 Clock
Win16 Clock
Here you can see result of FreeLDR, Kickstart, L4Ka:Pistachio, sigma0 server and initial screen of pingpong application.
Here you can see result of GRUB, Bootstrap, Fiasco and core servers with ongoing port/reimplementation of OS2Linux for L4 microkernel. Output to log server.
Same as above, but output to graphical L4Con console.
CONFIG.SYS already parsed and start of PROTSHELL execution
simple menu
full-featured menu
This is native OS/2 application in LX format executed under OS/2 Personality server on top of Win32 host
This is native OS/2 application in LX format executed under OS/2 Personality server on top of L4 host
menu screen


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, 2014/05/19 00:38

removed :)

, 2016/05/01 01:00

Is this project still active? Thanks!

, 2021/05/09 21:05

are plans to implement a NT subsystem with reactos? Ntfs?jfs? or only hpfs?

, 2021/05/09 22:00, 2021/05/09 23:31

Yes, there are such plans. Use ReactOS or WINE as a base for win32 personality. All these filesystems are desirable to support. Though, we're still in early stage, so FAT/FAT32/exFAT FS and OS/2 API for now. For FAT/FAT32/exFAT, we plan to port fat32.ifs to osFree. But before fat32.ifs, we should port ramfs.ifs ramdisk driver first, it is easier to port.

For JFS, there is openjfs project on Netlabs. It is possible to use it's sources as a base. For HPFS, we could probably, use the sources of Linux HPFS driver as a base.

PS: you seem to have a typo in your email you specified. (I got an error message from my email server that it cannot deliver a message to you. Please recheck.)

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