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This is forwarder DLL to DOSCALLS.DLL

Ordinal Name Desc Status
1 Dos16SMGetmem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.682 Done
8 SMArraySize Forwarder to DOSCALLS.862 Done
2 Dos16SMFreemem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.683 Done
9 SMGINSTANCE Forwarder to DOSCALLS.864 Done
3 Dos16SMGetSGCB Forwarder to DOSCALLS.684 Done
4 Dos16SMInitSGCB Forwarder to DOSCALLS.685 Done
5 SMQueueRamSem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.858 Done
6 SMArray Forwarder to DOSCALLS.859 Done
7 SMPIDArray Forwarder to DOSCALLS.860 Done
99 SMInitialized Forwarder to DOSCALLS.861 Done
148 BVHINSTANCE Forwarder to DOSCALLS.865 BVH Instance variable Done
149 BVSGLOBAL Forwarder to DOSCALLS.863 Done
152 OS2BaseInit Forwarder to DOSCALLS.718 Done

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