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This is forwarder DLL to DOSCALLS.DLL

Ordinal Name Desc Status
1 DosMakeNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.399 Done
2 DosQNmPipeInfo Forwarder to DOSCALLS.400 Done
3 DosConnectNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.401 Done
4 DosDisconnectNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.402 Done
5 DosQNmPHandState Forwarder to DOSCALLS.403 Done
6 DosSetNmPHandState Forwarder to DOSCALLS.404 Done
7 DosPeekNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.405 Done
8 DosWaitNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.406 Done
9 DosTransactNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.407 Done
10 DosCallNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.408 Done
11 DosRawReadNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.409 Done
12 DosRawWriteNmPipe Forwarder to DOSCALLS.410 Done
13 DosSetNmPipeSem Forwarder to DOSCALLS.411 Done
14 DosQNmPipeSemState Forwarder to DOSCALLS.412 Done

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