Note: This API call is for DOS and Win16 personality only. Use Family API for portability.

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Int 21H, AH=52H


2 and higher



Family API


AH = 52h


 ES:BX -> DOS list of lists (see #01627)


partially supported by OS/2 v1.1 compatibility box (however, most pointers are FFFFh:FFFFh, LASTDRIVE is FFh, and the NUL header “next” pointer is FFFFh:FFFFh).

partially supported by the Windows NT DOS box; contains only a rudimentary Current Directory Structure (see #01645)

on return, ES points at the DOS data segment (see also INT 2F/AX=1203h)

Quarterdeck's suggested check for the use of its DOSDATA.SYS or DOS-UP.SYS is to test whether the list-of-lists segment is greater than the segment of the first memory block; a better check for DOS-UP.SYS is INT 21/AX=2B01h/CX=444Dh

because not all DOS workalikes support all fields in the List of Lists, applications should ensure that pointers are neither 0000h:0000h nor FFFFh:FFFFh before using them

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 network and Windows95 set the path to the local drive and directory even for network drives; in that case the UNC form \\SERVER\SHARE can be obtained with INT 21/AX=5F02h or INT 21/AX=5F46h. LapLink RemoteAccess does the same even for INT 21/AX=5F02h

Windows95 GUI no longer returns the true path for a SUBSTed drive, but MS-DOS 7.00 does; use INT 21/AH=60h to obtain the true name

See also

INT 2F/AX=1203h


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