Note: This API call is for DOS and Win16 personality only. Use Family API for portability.

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Int 21H, AH=56H


2 and higher



Family API


AH = 56h
DS:DX -> ASCIZ filename of existing file (no wildcards, but see below)
ES:DI -> ASCIZ new filename (no wildcards)
CL = attribute mask (server call only, see below)


CF clear if successful
CF set on error
    AX = error code (02h,03h,05h,11h) (see #01680)


Notes:	allows move between directories on same logical volume
this function does not set the archive attribute
  (see #01420 at AX=4301h), which results in incremental backups not
  backing up the file under its new name
open files should not be renamed
(DOS 2.x only) this function renames file by creating a new directory
  entry with the new name, then marking the old entry deleted
(DOS 3.0+) allows renaming of directories
(DOS 3.1+) wildcards are allowed if invoked via AX=5D00h, in which case
  error 12h (no more files) is returned on success, and both source and
  destination specs must be canonical (as returned by AH=60h).
  Wildcards in the destination are replaced by the corresponding char
  of each source file being renamed.  Under DOS 3.x, the call will fail
  if the destination wildcard is *.* or equivalent; under DR DOS 5.0,
  the call will fail with error code 03h if any wildcards are used.
  When invoked via AX=5D00h, only those files matching the attribute
  mask in CL are renamed.
under the FlashTek X-32 DOS extender, the old-name pointer is in DS:EDX
  and the new-name pointer is in ES:EDI (DS must equal ES)
BUG:	(DR DOS 3.41) when invoked via AX=5D00h, this function will generate
  a new directory entry with the new name (including any wildcards)
  which can only be removed with a sector editor

See also

AH=17h,AX=4301h,AX=43FFh/BP=5053h,AX=5D00h,AH=60h,AX=7156h, AX=F257h/SF=04h


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