Note: This API call is for DOS personality only. Use Family API for portability.

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Int 21H, AH=37H, AL=00H


2 and higher



Family API


      AX = 3700h


AL = status

          00h successful
              DL = current switch character
          FFh unsupported subfunction



Determine the character which is used to introduce command switches.
        This setting is ignored by MS-DOS commands in version 4.0 and higher,
        but is honored by many third-party programs and by Novell DOS 7
        external commands

BUG: Novell DOS 7's COMMAND.COM (prior to Update 15) fails to honor the

       SwitChar setting for internal commands even though COMMAND.COM
        honors it in its own command tail (i.e. COMMAND /?); even in Update
        15, internal commands fail to honor SwitChar for the /? help option
documented in some OEM versions of some releases of DOS
      supported by OS/2 compatibility box
      always returns AL=00h/DL=2Fh for MS-DOS 5+ and DR DOS 3.41-6.0
      Novell DOS 7 COMMAND.COM indicates switch characters other than '/'
        by changing the first backslash (and only the first one) in the
        path it prints for PROMPT $p with a forward slash

See also



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