Note: This API call is for DOS personality only. Use Family API for portability.

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AH Description Version
00H Program terminate 1.0+
01H Character input 1.0+
02H Character output 1.0+
03H Auxiliary input 1.0+
04H Auxiliary output 1.0+
05H Printer output 1.0+
06H Direct console I/O 1.0+
07H Direct console input without echo 1.0+
08H Console input without echo 1.0+
09H Display string 1.0+
0AH Buffered keyboard input 1.0+
0BH Get input status 1.0+
0CH Flush input buffer and input 1.0+
0DH Disk reset 1.0+
0EH Set default drive 1.0+
0FH Open file 1.0+
10H Close file 1.0+
11H Find first file 1.0+
12H Find next file 1.0+
13H Delete file 1.0+
14H Sequential read 1.0+
15H Sequential write 1.0+
16H Create or truncate file 1.0+
17H Rename file 1.0+
19H Get default drive 1.0+
1AH Set disk transfer address 1.0+
1BH Get allocation info for default drive 1.0+
1CH Get allocation info for specified drive 1.0+
1FH Get disk parameter block for default drive 1.0+
21H Random read 1.0+
22H Random write 1.0+
23H Get file size in records 1.0+
24H Set random record number 1.0+
25H Set interrupt vector 1.0+
26H Create PSP 1.0+
27H Random block read 1.0+
28H Random block write 1.0+
29H Parse filename 1.0+
2AH Get date 1.0+
2BH Set date 1.0+
2CH Get time 1.0+
2DH Set time 1.0+
2EH Set verify flag 1.0+
2FH Get disk transfer address 2.0+
30H Get DOS version 2.0+
31H Terminate and stay resident 2.0+
32H Get disk parameter block for specified drive 2.0+
33H Extended functions 2.0+
34H Get InDOS flag pointer 2.0+
35H Get interrupt vector 2.0+
36H Get free disk space 2.0+
37H Extended functions 2.0+
38H Get or set country info 2.0+
39H Create subdirectory 2.0+
3AH Remove subdirectory 2.0+
3BH Change current directory 2.0+
3CH Create or truncate file 2.0+
3DH Open file 2.0+
3EH Close file 2.0+
3FH Read file or device 2.0+
40H Write file or device 2.0+
41H Delete file 2.0+
42H Move file pointer 2.0+
43H Get or set file attributes 2.0+
44H I/O control for devices 2.0+
45H Duplicate handle 2.0+
46H Redirect handle 2.0+
47H Get current directory 2.0+
48H Allocate memory 2.0+
49H Release memory 2.0+
4AH Reallocate memory 2.0+
4BH Execute program 2.0+
4CH Terminate with return code 2.0+
4DH Get program return code 2.0+
4EH Find first file 2.0+
4FH Find next file 2.0+
50H Set current PSP 2.0+
51H Get current PSP 2.0+
52H Get DOS internal pointers (SYSVARS) 2.0+
53H Create disk parameter block 2.0+
54H Get verify flag 2.0+
55H Create program PSP 2.0+
56H Rename file 2.0+
57H Get or set file date and time 2.0+
58H Get or set allocation strategy 2.11+
59H Get extended error info 3.0+
5AH Create unique file 3.0+
5BH Create new file 3.0+
5CH Lock or unlock file 3.0+
5DH File sharing functions 3.0+
5EH Network functions 3.0+
5FH Network redirection functions 3.0+
60H Qualify filename 3.0+
61H Reserved 3.0+
62H Get current PSP 3.0+
63H Get DBCS lead byte table pointer 3.0+
64H Set wait for external event flag 3.2+
65H Get extended country info 3.3+
66H Get or set code page 3.3+
67H Set handle count 3.3+
68H Commit file 3.3+
69H Get or set media id 4.0+
6AH Commit file 4.0+
6BH Reserved 4.0+
6CH Extended open/create file 4.0+
Process manager INT 20H, INT 21H: 00H, 25H, 26H, 31H, 34H, 35H, 4CH, INT 22H, INT 27H, INT 28H
File manager INT 25H, INT 26H, INT 21H: 0DH, 0EH, 0FH, 10H, 11H, 12H, 13H, 14H, 15H, 16H, 17H, 19H, 1AH, 1BH, 1CH, 21H, 22H, 23H, 24H, 27H, 28H, 29H, 2EH, 2FH, 32H, 3305H, 36H, 39H, 3AH, 3BH
Character Device I/O INT 29H, INT 21H: 01H, 02H, 03H, 04H, 05H, 06H, 07H, 08H, 09H, 0AH, 0BH, 0AH, 0CH
Signals INT 23H, INT 24H, INT 21H: 3300H, 3301H, 3302H
Memory manager
Date and Time INT 21H: 2AH, 2BH, 2CH, 2DH
Misc INT 21H: 30H, 3306H, 3700H, 3701H, 3702H, 3703H
NLS INT 21H: 3303H, 3304H, 3800H, 3801H
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