osFree general architecture

Here should be an index of architectural ideas for different osFree components.

A microkernel (currently, L4/Fiasco.OC)

<general concepts>

Personality-Neutral Services

The ideas around Personality Neutral Services, servers, libs, and how they could be reused in OS/2 personality.

OS frameworks: l4env, l4re and Genode

Device Driver Environment

Wrappers for Linux/FreeBSD/etc drivers to work on l4env/l4re/Genode

Multiple Virtual Machines (MVM) personality

A historical note

The term “MVM” goes from OS/2 (PowerPC). It replaces the term “MVDM” (Multiple Virtual DOS Machines). The PowerPC platform could not so easily emulate the Intel processor real mode, so it required more emulation. Though, we must say that it worked just fine, fast, and theoretically may be used not for DOS only. (IBM had plans to provide a binary compatibility with OS/2 (Intel), on the base of the same component which was used to run DOS Apps).

Read more on MVM personality

OS/2 Personality


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