[Q]: Как отключить GIF-animation в NN/2?

[A]: Serguei Trouchelle (2:464/4077.101)

Кpаткий пеpевод.

Взять hiew, найти NETSCAPE2.0 и ANIMEXTS1.0 в netscape.exe и заменить точки на запятые.

Вся анимация будет останавливаться после одного обоpота. Что есть pулес ;)

* Forwarded (from: VIDRADA.COMP.OS.OS2.APPS) by serguei trouchelle * Originally from Jerry McBride (2:464/4077.128) to Martin Bartelds. * Original dated: Tue Oct 12, 19:40

I JUST READ THIS TIP in comp.os2.beta and it WORKS! On my netscape 4.61ga, strong encryption, I used a binary editor (HEXED/2 from Hobbes) and searched for the string “NETSCAPE2.0” (minus the quotes) I changed the “.” to a “,” and then next to that string there's a “ANIMEXTS1.” and I changed the “1” to a “2”.

Now when I'm browsing online and one of those PESKY animated graphics pops up, it run's once though then stops DEAD! No more wasted cpu on a crummy graphic I didn't want in the first place! YAHHHoooo!!!

Your listed URL's now only display pictures! Not the cpu hogging movies they call advertizment!

Here's the entire posted message I read on comp.os2.beta…

- — quote —

Now there's something I'd very much like to see in Netscape
preferences. The ability to turn off wiggle graphics and NOT get
piles of error messages!!!!!!!

To make gif animations stop after one cycle, read this page:

In short, search for NETSCAPE2.0 and for ANIMEXTS1.0 and change them to be something else - I just changed the . to a , (in netscape.exe).

  1. Ariel

PS. Use a binary safe editor. - — end quote —

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