• Install QEMU::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • Public::Loader::Create ext2fs partition::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • Public::Loader::Install LILO::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • Public::Loader::Install EXT2FS MicroFSD::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port FreeLDR to OpenWatcom::Done::Yuri Prokushev::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port parts of GRUB Legacy Stage 2 loader to OpenWatcom::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • GPL::Loader::Modify GRUB disk io functions to use MicroFSD::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • GPL::Loader::Integrate GRUB parts into FreeLDR::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port assembler parts of GRUB to Watcom Assembler::Done::Valery Sedletski::::
  • GPL::Loader::Execute L4 KickStart::Done::Sascha Schmidt::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port MicroFSD to OpenWatcom::Done::Valery Sedletski::::
  • GPL::Loader::Move MicroFSD to boot sector (remove LILO dependency)::Done::Valery Sedletski::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port MiniFSD to OpenWatcom::None::::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port MiniFSD to 32-bit::None::::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port EXT2.IFS to OpenWatcom::None::::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port EXT2.IFS to 32-bit::None::::::
  • GPL::Loader::Port UEXT2.DLL to OpenWatcom::None::::::</del>
  • GPL::Loader::Move external Linux-like tools to UEXT2.DLL::None::::::
  • GPL::Boot::Build SDIOS and start extend it
  • GPL::Boot::Create EXT2FS server like MINIXFS server
  • GPL::Boot::Create OS/2 server stub
  • Public::Distributive::Release 0.0.2 ISO-image::None::::::

During 0.0.2 we also ported some tools to OS/2. It is:

  • GENEXT2FS - ext2 filesystem image generator
  • QEMU-IMG - tool, to manage disk image files
  • Set of REXX tools to manake disk image files

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