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osFree project

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osFree is a (Free Open Source software) operating system development project, aiming to replace eventually all OS/2 subsystems with Open source analogues. It aims for OS/2 Warp 4 (Merlin) as a base compatibility system, which does not mean that we will not support features of newer (OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, eComStation and ArcaOS) OS/2 versions. This includes rewriting not only user-level code but the OS/2 kernel too.

We're collecting existing code for OS/2 subsystems for years. Also we are developing our own bootloader named FreeLdr and OS/2 personality for L4 microkernel, i.e. a number of servers, implementing the Control Program (OS/2 kernel) Interface functionality in userspace. See osFree design and development concept for more details. Visit the Chat Channel on the EFNET

Several projects with similar goals exist (or existed). Here is the brief comparison of goals and tasks of different projects.

Our project is reusing the code of many opensource projects.

Project News

22 December, 2018

Forum migration to pbpbb3.

Today we migrated our forum from myUPB to phpbb3. Also, from now, wiki logins are integrated with forum, so, once you login to wiki, you're logged-in in forum, and vice versa. We migrated all old wiki users, so, login/password are still the same.

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7 June, 2018

Migration to the new hosting.

Today we started migration of osfree.org to another hosting. Here we'll have more powerful server with more disk space, RAM and network bandwidth.

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11 February, 2018

Migration to GitHub.

Today Oxyd finished migration of our source code repository from SourceForge to GitHub. Our new repository is https://github.com/osfree-project/osfree/. We welcome new contributions and pull requests, since now.

3 December, 2017

Migration to Genode is started.

We started to create the required abstraction layers to make the osFree OS/2 personality more portable. This will allow us to also create L4Re and Genode ports. As our OS/2 personality is currently based on an outdated and abandoned L4Env OS framework, we need to migrate to a more alive and developing framework. Most promising is Genode OS framework, though, L4Re, which is a successor for L4Env is also evolving and it supports more hardware platforms, than Genode. So, ideally, we need ports of our OS/2 personality to both. Currently, Genode has more priority, the port is in progress.

27 June, 2014

RSS feeds repaired, the fight with spambots seems to reach the end

After server crash at the end of 2012, the site is being repaired from Feb.-Mar. 2013 until now. Now the wiki is being filled with info (some of which is restored from web.archive.org), and parts of Forum too. So, welcome to our new site! Also, until now, some code were committed to the repo (namely, fat32.ifs with FORMAT routine enabled (by valerius), and also commits by Viking, fixing some problems with build system under linux etc.)

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27 October, 2011

A presentation of osFree on CC'2011

August 28, osFree team member Vadim Priluzkiy (aka Oxyd) has demonstrated osFree OS/2 personality working together with l4linux over L4 microkernel. The presentation was carried out during the Chaos Constructions'2011 yearly Computer Art Festival. (http://party11.cc.org.ru), the presentation video is here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=yxE6Jy3SQ04

31 January, 2010

Recent activity

We have linked our channels #osfree @ eCSNet and #osfree @ EFNet. All messages in one channel are translated to another channel. Also we reviewing our release and development position to be more effective. As always, we are welcome new developers in many areas (DOS/WIN16 and OS/2 subsystems).

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5 September, 2009


Registration in forums at osfree.org site is enbled recently. Please report forum bugs and render problems to us in “osfree.org site” forum.

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3 September, 2009

0.0.4 release

We released this preview to show actual possibility of LX executables (native OS/2 executable file format) to be run on top of L4. Output from LX executable is “I am really small!” phrase. Other things are debug output. Our executable uses msg.dll which uses doscalls.dll. So, linking also works. Also we present here osFree loader which allows to load as Multiboot compatible kernels as native OS/2 kernel. Loader is modular and easy to extend. Next release will provide some interactive like directory browsing and files execution. See roadmap at www.osfree.org for more info.

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2 July, 2009

New logo and site fixes

We replaced our old logo by new modern one. Thanks to Alexander Kramer for this work. Also we fixed small annoying bugs in our CMS. Thanks to Kim Haverblad for the help.

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17 June, 2009

Better news service at #osFree

Starting from now irc://irc.efnet.net#osfree channel supports rss news translation to channel. You will see any changes of project immediatly. Thanks to Yoda for bot extending.

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25 April, 2009

EFNet bots changed

EFNet bots osfreebot and osfree is dead. We are glad to present new bot: osFree2. Thanks to Yoda for bot hosting.

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Github commit log

  • OS/2 personality enhancements: Move l4_alloc_mem to a platform-indepe… by valerius2k (2019/02/19 01:39)
    OS/2 personality enhancements: Move l4_alloc_mem to a platform-independent code and rename it to allocmem.
  • Add some more forgotten files. by valerius2k (2019/02/18 22:26)
    Add some more forgotten files.
  • Add one more forgotten file. by valerius2k (2019/02/18 22:17)
    Add one more forgotten file.
  • Add a number of forgotten files. by valerius2k (2019/02/18 22:15)
    Add a number of forgotten files.
  • Remove unneeded os2 symlink. by valerius2k (2019/02/18 21:52)
    Remove unneeded os2 symlink.
  • Add some parts of build system for L4Re port. by valerius2k (2019/02/18 21:48)
    Add some parts of build system for L4Re port.
  • OS/2 personality enhancements by valerius2k (2019/02/18 21:45)
    OS/2 personality enhancements - Unify RPC interfaces of os2srv. os2exec and os2fs. Now all three expose a single "CPI" service. In Genode, session requests with label "exec" go to os2exec, session requests with label "fs" go to os2fs, and all other ones are handled by os2srv. - Use u32_t 32-bit unsigned type, defined to "unsigned int" on 64-bit arch's and to "unsigned long" on 32-bit and 16-bit arch's. (only used in exe386.h header so far). - Separate a platform-independent init code from platform-dependent one in all three servers and os2app. - Add some build system for L4Re case.
  • OS/2 personality enhancements by valerius2k (2019/02/11 23:51)
    OS/2 personality enhancements - Add RPC interface for os2srv. - Add more functions to thread API for Genode platform. - Add free RPC function for os2exec.
  • OS/2 personality enhancements by valerius2k (2019/02/10 19:13)
    OS/2 personality enhancements - Add Lock, Semaphore and Thread interfaces to compat lib. - Rework os2app or OS/2 personality servers startup in sysinit.
  • OS/2 personality enhancements by valerius2k (2019/02/09 17:21)
    OS/2 personality enhancements - Move most RPC functions from os2app to os2srv. Now, for example, shared memory dataspaces are created by os2srv and one os2ap copy asks os2srv to map it to another os2app copy, instead of calling RPC for other os2app copy to share it. - Use PID's instead of native thread id in some os2srv RPC functions. - Further portability enhancements. - More system-dependent functions implemented for Genode platform. - trampoline() assembly code moved to separate tramp() function, which has implementations for x86_32 and x86)64. - Enhance system-dependent functions is compat lib for Genode platform. - Add DosFreeModule implementation.
  • doscalls: Add full debug output about each function parameters and re… by valerius2k (2018/12/31 04:55)
    doscalls: Add full debug output about each function parameters and return code.
  • Update Regina REXX to version 3.9.1. by valerius2k (2018/09/06 19:42)
    Update Regina REXX to version 3.9.1.
  • rxqueue: Further simplification of code. by valerius2k (2018/08/28 04:57)
    rxqueue: Further simplification of code.
  • REXX fixes. by valerius2k (2018/08/28 04:20)
    REXX fixes. - Uppercase function name in Regina DosQueryProcAddr wrapper, so that, it will find the entry point. - Add log access mutex in REXX.DLL and REXXAPI.DLL. - Reorder wrong order of three functions in REXXAPI.DLL, so that the correct function will be called.
  • Add rxqueue clone. by valerius2k (2018/08/28 04:13)
    Add rxqueue clone.

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We're now at the alpha stage, which means that the current version is not feature-complete nor stable and not recommended for everyday usage. The 0.0.x release series will still stay in alpha stage, and 0.9 release series will be marked as beta, meaning a system which is suitable for every day use.

The next release will be 0.0.5, with an release date being open. See our osFree roadmap for details.

Getting access to site areas

The site has several separate areas, like wiki, forum, webmail and dotProject. If you want to get access to these, you should register here first. After admin approves you, you'll get access to all four parts of the site. Note also, that there is a guest account (user: guest, password: guest), which allows you to login to the site areas, requiring a login (like a dotProject area). It gives you a readonly access. Once you log in into the forum, you get access to wiki too, and vice versa. The same login applies to dotProject. In case of troubles, you can contact site admin.

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