September 06, 2007

According to our roadmap we are now at version 0.0.3 now. We have a general working of FreeLDR (except config parser and VBE support) for stage 0.0.2 and a working CONFIG.SYS parser for stage 0.0.3. We still are thinking about real requirements for version 0.0.4 at the present time because we have working LX parser prototype and most of IFS must be in Personality Neutral services. So, we are planning to slightly review the 0 .0.x series roadmap for better representation of our current situation and needs. Most probably, we will introduce following changes:

0.0.2 EXT2FS must be finished (in general) and boot sequence must be implemented. GRUB must be removed. MicroFSD is 16-bit (OS/2 compatible), IFS is 32-bit (not OS/2 compatible). MicroFSD must load FreeLDR and execute it. FreeLDR must load L4 kernel and root task (osFree kernel stub). LILO must not be required for EXT2FS. Done
Note: MiniFSD is absent because not required for microkernel architecture.
0.0.3 osFree kernel must parse CONFIG.SYS using file provider server (not real device driver loading) and show config tree. Done
0.0.4 LX loader and module linker (using file provider server). osFree kernel must load and execute PROTSHELL application. Not Done
0.0.5 Filesystem API implementation. LX loader must allow loading of ‘Hello, world’ task via file provider and execute it. ‘Hello, world’ task is CMD.EXE prototype. Not Done


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