Comparison of different OS/2 cloning projects

Name Resource Goals of the project
osFree http://www.osfree.org/ Microkernel OS with OS/2 Personality using the base OS/2 technologies
Voyager http://voyager.netlabs.org/ OS/2 compatibility on WPS level
OS2Linux http://sourceforge.net/projects/os2linux/ A library for compatibility with programs using OS/2 API's on Linux (like LibC)
OS/2 API emulation for NT http://i1.dk/ntos2/ A library for recompiling OS/2 programs to WinNT platform (about 110 OS/2 API's implemented)
NuDawn http://sourceforge.net/projects/nudawn/ WINE analogue, but for emulating OS/2 API's
FreeOS http://web.archive.org/web/20020328012952/http://soulmatrix.dynodns.net/freeos/ OS/2 cloning project. Did not left the discussion stage. No real development.
ReactOS http://www.reactos.org/ Windows NT cloning project. One of its subsystems is ROS/2, essentially - OS/2 Personality support
OS64 https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/os64/info Goals and tasks unknown, declared some relation with OS/2
OS8/FreePM http://web.archive.org/web/20071214042403/http://wiki.laser.ru/os8/index.php/FreePM FreePM project and some info collection, regarding the different OS/2 technologies
somFree http://sourceforge.net/projects/somfree/ somFree project is an Open Source SOM replacement
docShell http://sourceforge.net/projects/docshell/ docShell project is an Open Source OpenDoc replacement, based on somFree
2ine https://hg.icculus.org/icculus/2ine/ 2ine project aims to emulate OS/2 API on top of Linux

Other projects' code adoption

osFree project is limited in available resources, so, when developing, the principle “Take and adopt” is often used.

OS part Source repository Enhancement cause
Bootoader GRUB Legacy Providing the support of IFS technology
Kernel DROPS/Fiasco The base for Personality neutral servers implementation
REXX ReginaREXX/OOREXX Scripting language support
PM FreePM Making a minimally working/usable version
SOM/WPS Voyager A “reverse” adaptation to PM with preserving of the compatibility
GNU/Linux Personality L4Linux/Afterburner/GNU/Debian Direct code reuse


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