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 ==== General ==== ==== General ====
-The general osFree ​documntation ​and ideas+The general osFree ​documentation ​and ideas
   * [[en:​docs:​general:​index|osFree design and development concept]]   * [[en:​docs:​general:​index|osFree design and development concept]]
Line 67: Line 67:
   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​architecture|Architectural ideas behind OS/2 personality]]   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​architecture|Architectural ideas behind OS/2 personality]]
 +  * [[en:​docs:​os2:​status|OS/​2 personality prototype status]]
   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​ifs|Installable File System]]   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​ifs|Installable File System]]
   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​ixf|Installable Executable Format]]   * [[en:​docs:​os2:​ixf|Installable Executable Format]]

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