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 +This call inserts variable text string information into the body of a message. This is useful when messages are loaded before insertion text strings are known.
 + ​DosInsMessage (IvTable, IvCount, MsgInput, MsgInLength,​ DataArea, DataLength,​MsgLength)
 +;IvTable (PCHAR FAR *) - input : List of double-word pointers. Each pointer points to an ASCIIZ or null terminated DBCS string (variable insertion text). 0 to 9 strings can be present.
 +; IvCount (USHORT) - input : 0-9 is the count of variable insertion text strings. If IvCount is 0, IvTable is ignored.
 +; MsgInput (PSZ) - input : Address of the input message.
 +; MsgInLength (USHORT) - input : Length, in bytes, of the input message.
 +; DataArea (PCHAR) - output : Address of the user storage that returns the updated message. If the message is too long to fit in the caller'​s buffer, as much of the message text as possible is returned with the appropriate return code.
 +; DataLength (USHORT) - input : Length, in bytes, of the user's storage area. 
 +; MsgLength (PUSHORT) - output : Address of the length, in bytes, of the updated message.
 +==Return Code==
 + rc (USHORT) - return
 +Return code descriptions are:
 +* 0    NO_ERROR
 +DosInsMessage returns an error indicating that IvCount is out of range when IvCount is greater than 9. A default message is also placed in the caller'​s buffer. Refer to DosGetMessage for details on the default messages. If the numeric value of x in the
 +%x sequence for %1through%9 is less than or equal to IvCount, then text insertion, by substitution for %x, is performed for all occurrences of %x in the body of the message. Otherwise text insertion is ignored and the %x sequence is returned unchanged in the message. Text insertion is performed for all text strings defined by IvCount and IvTable.
 +Variable data insertion does not depend on a blank character delimiter nor are blanks automatically inserted. ​
 +==Example Code==
 +===C Binding===
 +#define INCL_DOSMISC
 +USHORT ​ rc = DosInsMessage(IvTable,​ IvCount, MsgInput, MsgInLength,​
 +                             ​DataArea,​ DataLength, MsgLength);
 +PCHAR FAR *      IvTable; ​      /* Table of variables to insert */
 +USHORT ​          ​IvCount; ​      /* Number of variables */
 +PSZ              MsgInput; ​     /* Address of input message */
 +USHORT ​          ​MsgInLength; ​  /* Length of input message */
 +PCHAR            DataArea; ​     /* Updated message (returned) */
 +USHORT ​          ​DataLength; ​   /* Length of updated message buffer */
 +PUSHORT ​         MsgLength; ​    /* Length of updated message (returned) */
 +USHORT ​          ​rc; ​           /* return code */
 +===MASM Binding===
 +EXTRN  DosInsMessage:​FAR
 +PUSH@  OTHER   ​IvTable ​      ;​Table of variables to insert
 +PUSH   ​WORD ​   IvCount ​      ;​Number of variables
 +PUSH@  ASCIIZ ​ MsgInput ​     ;Input message string
 +PUSH   ​WORD ​   MsgInLength ​  ;​Length of input message
 +PUSH@  OTHER   ​DataArea ​     ;Updated message (returned)
 +PUSH   ​WORD ​   DataLength ​   ;Length of updated message buffer
 +PUSH@  WORD    MsgLength ​    ;​Length of updated message (returned)
 +CALL   ​DosInsMessage
 +Returns WORD
 +====== Note ======
 +Text based on [[http://​www.edm2.com/​index.php/​DosInsMessage]]

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