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osFree artwork

The available osFree artwork are its logos, at most. We have several logos, and several versions of each logo available.

osFree logo

This is a current official osFree logo, created by Alex Kramer (Germany). It was chosen because it looks nice and modern. But we also like our previous logos.

original osFree logo

This is the original osFree logo, created by Cristiano Guadagnino (Italy). It is better reflects the idea of the “osFree” name. osFree is named after OS/3, being the OS/2 successor. Also, because “three” sounds similar to “free”, and it is a free software, we chose the name “osFree”. So, the original osFree logo better reflects the double meaning of the word play free/three. “Three” and “Free” are just merged on the picture.

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