This is part of Family API which allow to create dual-os version of program runs under OS/2 and DOS

Note: This is legacy API call. It is recommended to use 32-bit equivalent

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This call gets the current state of the keyboard.


KbdGetStatus (StatData, KbdHandle)


  • StatData (PKBDINFO) - output : Address of the keyboard status structure:
    • length (USHORT) : Length, in bytes, of this data structure, including length.
      • 10 Only valid value.
    • sysstate (USHORT) : State as follows:
Bit Description
15-9 Reserved, set to zero.
8 Shift return is on.
7 Length of the turn-around character (meaningful only if bit 6 is on).
6 Turn-around character is modified.
5 Interim character flags are modified.
4 Shift state is modified.
3 ASCII mode is on.
2 Binary mode is on.
1 Echo off.
0 Echo on.
  • turnchardef (USHORT) : Definition of the turn-around character. In ASCII and extended-ASCII format, the turn-around character is defined as the carriage return. In ASCII format only, the turn-around character is defined in the low-order byte.
  • intcharflag (USHORT) : Interim character flags:
Bit Description
15-8 NLS shift state.
7 Interim character flag is on.
6 Reserved, set to zero.
5 Application requested immediate conversion.
4-0 Reserved, set to zero.
  • shiftstate (USHORT) : Shift state as follows:
Bit Description
15 SysReq key down
14 CapsLock key down
13 NumLock key down
12 ScrollLock key down
11 Right Alt key down
10 Right Ctrl key down
9 Left Alt key down
8 Left Ctrl key down
7 Insert on
6 CapsLock on
5 NumLock on
4 ScrollLock on
3 Either Alt key down
2 Either Ctrl key down
1 Left Shift key down
0 Right Shift key down
  • KbdHandle (HKBD) - input : Default keyboard or the logical keyboard.

Return Code

rc (USHORT) - return

Return code descriptions are:

  • 0 NO_ERROR


The initial state of the keyboard is established by the system at application load time. Some default states may be modified by the application through KbdSetStatus. KbdGetStatus returns only those keyboard parameters initially set by KbdSetStatus. The returned parameters are:

  • Input Mode
  • Interim Character Flags
  • Shift State
  • Echo State
  • Turnaround Character

KbdGetStatus completes only when the handle has access to the physical keyboard (focus) or the handle is 0 and no other handle has the focus.

Family API Considerations

Some options operate differently in the DOS mode than in the OS/2 mode. Therefore, the following restrictions apply to KbdGetStatus when coding in the DOS mode:

  • Interim character is not supported
  • TurnAround character is not supported
  • NLS_SHIFT_STATE is always NULL.
  • KbdHandle is ignored.


C Binding

typedef struct _KBDINFO {     /* kbst */
  USHORT cb;                  /* length in bytes of this structure */
  USHORT fsMask;              /* bit mask of functions to be altered */
  USHORT chTurnAround;        /* define TurnAround character */
  USHORT fsInterim;           /* interim character flags */
  USHORT fsState;             /* shift states */
#define INCL_KBD
USHORT  rc = KbdGetStatus(Structure, KbdHandle);
PKBDINFO         Structure;     /* Data structure */
HKBD             KbdHandle;     /* Keyboard handle */
USHORT           rc;            /* return code */

MASM Binding

  kbst_cb           dw  ? ;length in bytes of this structure
  kbst_fsMask       dw  ? ;bit mask of functions to be altered
  kbst_chTurnAround dw  ? ;define TurnAround character
  kbst_fsInterim    dw  ? ;interim character flags
  kbst_fsState      dw  ? ;shift states
EXTRN  KbdGetStatus:FAR
INCL_KBD            EQU 1
PUSH@  OTHER   Structure     ;Data structure
PUSH   WORD    KbdHandle     ;Keyboard handle
CALL   KbdGetStatus
Returns WORD